Standing up for what is right

Hello everyone! I decided I should post today about standing up for truth, standing up for what’s right. Gods truth and not mans.

Too many times we as christians shrink back in the things of God. We are afraid to speak and share truth, afraid of confrontation or of what one might think or say. People’s opinions of us weigh so heavily on our minds and Gods opinion of us slowly goes out the window. “What if I offend someone”, “What if they respond to me in a negative way”, “What if they think I’m crazy or some radical for Christ”. These thoughts run rampant in our minds.

Here is the answer-SO WHAT!!!! Who cares! We are not to run around trying to start confrontations but we can not be afraid to speak truth and that’s the bottom line.

The bible says that we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. Well how can we expect to help set others free if we ourselves are in bondage. Scared to speak up and speak out and don’t let someone actually ask us if we are Christians. So what are we doing and how many souls are we winning?

Our lives are supposed to stand out and be lights to others, but if we are too busy trying to fit in this will never happen. This is not the life Christ died for us to have. Let us pursue Gods plan for our lives and walk in it no matter the cost.

God rewards those who diligently seek Him. Are you seeking Him today or are you shrinking from Him today?


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