“Having a rough day?”

Strange title right? Well, I was going to title this post “Count your blessings” but I decided to go with what you see. Here is the reason, we all at one time or another have rough days, rough weeks, rough months and some of us seem to have rough years.

I was having a rough week last week, I was so tired it didn’t make any sense. I just felt physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained! I really did, I had a few moments of crying out of no where for what seemed to be no reason at all because it just felt so heavy! Has anyone been there? I’m sure someone has.

While I was having my pity party, woe is me. God just so gently reminded me of how blessed I really am. (My family and I) He reminded me while I was busy thinking about all the things it seemed like I had to do, which felt like a list miles and miles long!

As I started to look around our living room, I stared at the bookshelves we have. (4 total) And how they are just filled with books, books, and more books! And we haven’t paid for any of them, not even the shelves themselves. They were all free! Some of our books are used, but most of them are BRAND NEW! Even all of our children’s school curriculum, from workbooks to flashcards, to puzzles, to educational cd-roms….I mean you name it, all of it free!

For those of you that homeschool you know how much school stuff can cost. So how is it that my family and I have brand new curriculum, books, school supplies amongst other things and we didn’t spend a dime? We didn’t beg anyone, we didn’t do anything. God did it all!!! And it’s not because we are favored over anyone else, as God has blessed us He blesses others too! (Including you, yes YOU reading this post right now!) 🙂

Have you overlooked what the Lord has been doing, or what He has done in your life? Alot of times we think blessings from God are only when we receive some money as a gift, or a check we weren’t expecting. But what about the other everyday things? A parking spot right in front of the store on a busy day, a good report of health when you go to the doctors? Making mistakes yesterday, the power of praying a repentive prayer to God and waking up the next day knowing that you have been forgiven and the slate  wiped clean? (Alot of blessings that God gives can’t be purchased with money)

Sometimes He blesses us with money, or saves us money or even time. For instance I have always given away all of our baby stuff once that current baby could no longer use them. I just always felt like why hold on to them, when I know there is someone out there that could use them right now. I  thought that when the time came for us to have another child, that God would provide. (Either by the finances God blesses my husband with through work, or gifts or some other avenue)

So with that being said, with this pregnancy like all the others we were starting over from scratch. Lo and behold, God showing up like He always does. We got a car seat, a swing and a bouncer all for $20!!! Now those of you that know about baby stuff, know very well that this is a deal out of this world!! A car seat alone can easily run over $60 dollars.

One instance of many, but with all that said; let me say this. When your day seems that it can’t possibly get any worse. Take a look around you and I’m sure you can see or remember some way that God has been a blessing to you. You are alive and you are reading this right now right? Well there you go, you are breathing and it’s a new day. Count it all joy! (Or try your best too!)

We serve a good God and just knowing Him is a blessing all in itself!

This was encouraging to me and correction at the same time being that I was having a major pity party. It has helped me greatly! My family and I are all well, healthy, nothing missing nothing broken, provided for and taken care of by God. Why should I complain? Today my youngest son decided he was going to pour powder all over the couch, the table, the floor, etc. I could feel heat rising under my collar, “Here we go, something else I have to clean up” ran through my mind. Then I had to stop and chuckle, at least he didn’t get wise and pour water all over it and mix it in. (Being that he was trying to make a masterpiece) And we have a vacuum that can easily suck it all up.

I watched as he kept making circles in it on the table, and thought. “Wow, they don’t stay this little for ever”. I have to try to enjoy these times because they don’t last long. God loves you! Be blessed!


2 thoughts on ““Having a rough day?”

  1. Amen! I woke up today with the temptation to go off on a rant – or a pity party or- or – but after I cleaned up all the poop my big dog had done all over the bathroom floor while I was sleeping I thanked God that this didn’t happen while there was still carpeting on the floor! Due to a flood in the bathroom last month I cut up all the wet carpeting and threw it away (I really did hate it because over the years there had been many accidents like this – and a few other types – and no matter how much it was cleaned, it never felt clean to me because of all the unpleasant memories attached to that carpet). So Sparky pooped on the cement floor – yea! FYI, we will be installing tile very soon 🙂 Thanks for the encouraging post!

    • Wow, thanks for your comment. My crying over spilled milk days (literally) are getting less and less. Praise God for that! We have had pets before but not a dog yet. The season just hasn’t come for us to take on that type of responsibility yet, but we will be excited when it does. 😉 Isn’t it fulfilling when we are in a situation where we could totally freak out, but we don’t….or at least don’t as much as we probably would have in the past?…lol

      You know years ago I used to spend time praying and asking God for patience, then one day He finally told me that patience isn’t given; patience is LEARNED through application. So I know that a lot of situations that arise that “seem” unpleasant are there to help me learn to be patient. 😉 Thanks for reading.

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