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I’m going to do me!

You’re probably thinking that’s a weird title and in a way it is. I have a short but VERY LONG story to share today. I have spent SO MUCH time researching homeschooling. From techniques to schedules to curriculum, etc, etc. I have spent over a year doing this, yes a year!!!! Not to mention the time I have spent looking up schedules and time management for larger families, etc.

I will tell you something about me, I don’t like to waste time. Even when I attended college I prayed first before I even enrolled in a school. I prayed about the school and what I was supposed to major in. I did not want to go in a direction that I was comfortable with, or that I felt I belonged in and spend 4+ years studying something, all to find out that I shouldn’t be studying that or there was something else I wanted to do. I want to be lead by God and I decided years ago to try my best to follow Him and His direction for my life.

So I prayed FIRST and I waited until I got an answer from God. He showed me the school and what I was supposed to major in. YAY!!! Well I’m still the same way now and probably even more so. We have a LARGE family, soon to be 6 children and including Daddy and me there will be 8 of us total. Time is a gift and I don’t like to waste it. I believe in being good stewards of what God has given us, our resources, our time, our spiritual gifts, etc, etc.

With that being said I took that same thought process and tried to apply it to home school and managing our home. Not that I shouldn’t have done that but there has to be a balance in things. I had a conversation with my hubby yesterday and basically found out I’ve been wasting my time!!!! Something that I despise, yet I’ve been doing it for quite some time now!!! (Yes, you are going to hear the word “time” several times in this post—lol)

I started to tell him how trying to come up with a schedule for homeschool was starting to frustrate me. I like a plan and I like some sort of schedule and balance. I know all things can’t operate like this but I try. He asked me plainly “So with all this “researching” that you’ve been doing have you come up with a schedule yet?” I answered “No”. He asked “Have you come up with a plan yet?” My response “Well, no–not quite.” (Hubby) “So you have spent so much time researching, reading this blog and that blog, and checking out this site and that site and you still don’t know what to do, right?”………(Me) “Well……mmmmh…….yeah, well I…..ok, but……mmmh, no I haven’t come up with anything, just A WHOLE lot of ideas.”……..

To make a LONG story short, my husband was right!!! I have just been frustrating myself for no reason. There was more we discussed and talked about of course but this is a summary. I would share with him about this idea and that idea and what this person was doing and that person was doing. And I started to drown out who we are as a family. Yes, I can get some cool ideas from here and there but the bottom line is this. My family is unique and so is yours!!! I can’t try to mimic or be like someone else, God made me ME for a reason! Getting ideas and advice is one thing but what I was doing was insane and I was stressing myself. There is DEFF no JOY IN THAT!!! lol 🙂

This isn’t the first time my hubby has had to say “Babe, we aren’t like everyone else and what works for that family may not work for us, don’t stress yourself. Do what YOU can do and focus on just one thing at a time.” I’m just SO THANKFUL for him because we are SO MUCH the same but yet so different. Where he is strong, He helps me get there and the areas that are my strengths, I help him and together we make a GREAT TEAM!

So I’m done, I’m so done! I’m going to do ME! I’m going to take things with a grain of salt and stop trying to get all these different schedules and advice and this and that to work for us!! It’s not going to work and it’s not meant to, partial things we may be able to apply but at the end of the day we are unique and God has a plan for our family and it may not be on the same road as the next families. I’m going to walk this thing out and use the gifts, talents and abilities that God has given to me and my family. Less time researching and more time applying whats already in me!! What a relief!

You may be thinking “OK, really, what’s the big deal?” But you have NO IDEA how much pressure I was putting on myself mentally just going through the process of what to do and what not to do. I haven’t even officially started to home school my children yet (except for the pre-schoolers) but for my soon to be 3rd grader we are starting in Sept. So school hasn’t even officially started yet!! Like I said previously, I don’t like to waste time. So I thought the more information I had the better. I could skip all the dips in the road by getting advice and tips/ideas from pros who have been doing this way longer than me. The fact is, I can learn a lot from others more experienced than I but this journey is also meant to be learned through personal application and growth and that’s something I can’t skip.

So in closing, Hip Hip Hooray for all of you out there bold enough to do you!!! I’m on the boat with you and I’m MOST CERTAINLY GOING TO DO ME!! 🙂



“Yay, I found a group!”

I finally found a group, I just got accepted to it the other day and already have received some very encouraging responses to my post of questions. I will keep you posted and let you know how this goes before I decide to post the groups information on here.

I’m very excited about this, hopefully my search is over in regards to finding a group for us that fits!

Be blessed!

“Starting My Own Group?”

Ok, so today I logged on and seen that I actually had someone view some of my posts last week. That was a HUGE encouragement to me! Whoever you were, thank you! I know I don’t post often, but I have a rather large family and my commitment and #1 priority is to them first!

I can’t neglect my duties to my family and post every single day, I believe the door will open up one day where I will be able to do so but that time has not yet come. Please stay tuned!

Ok, so I’ve been researching trying to find a local homeschool support group to join. Being that I will be homeschooling for the first time this fall and will be welcoming a new little one around the same time, so there’s quite a bit on my plate. I heard that joining a group is good for you and your children, you get to go on field trips together, offer advice, support & encouragement; etc. Sounded great to me!! I still have yet to find a group though!

Sure there are quite a few local groups I can join, but I haven’t found one that I feel like my family & I would fit into. So then today I pondered starting my own group……Is that something I should even be thinking about, I’m not sure??? Anyone reading this please feel free to chime in at anytime and offer some advice. I am just tired and worn out with all this searching to no avail.

Anyone got any suggestions?