Great News!

Ok, so I had my ultrasound yesterday!! It’s a girl! Praise God!! I wanted a girl! We already have 3 boys and two girls and we needed another girl to even us out. I’m so excited! Girls are a lot easier to shop for!!

Can’t wait to get the pinks and purples and neon colors and all the cute little girl stuff! I never really tend to hold on to things after we have a child because my thoughts are that someone else can always use these things right now; so why should I hang on to them til later. There probably are some exceptions here but for my family personally we haven’t had to face any.

So we are starting over, now the funny thing is I have a niece who is about to be 6 months old. Well her mom went girl shopping crazy for her because that was her first daughter. She has SO MUCH baby stuff it’s not even funny! There are even clothes that she never even got to wear. She was telling me these things well before I even knew what we were having. I never asked her for anything mind you, even now with us knowing that we are having a girl. Upon her finding out yesterday she texted me saying that she has ALOT of stuff to give me. Well look at God go!! He’s good at that ya know! 😉

That’s a blessing for sure and we receive it! I know some people turn their noses up at hand me downs but we certainly don’t! I will go consignment shopping real quick or go to the goodwill! I have found so many name brand clothes still new with tags or so lightly worn (if ever worn) that they look brand new!! Children grow so fast!!! If I posted some pictures of the items I’m talking about it would really blow your mind that these things were either free or purchased via consignment or goodwill!

Also, being that I teach I get a teachers discount at the goodwill which just puts the cherry on the sundae! Last time we went I was able to find some really cute clothes for myself!! Yay! 🙂

Ok, I’m going on now. I just wanted to share the wonderful news!

May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding keep your minds and hearts in Christ Jesus!


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