“Romance Investigation”

Weird title right? I’ve decided to title it this way because I believe in order to fully understand romance and how to achieve it we have to know what it is first.

ROMANCE-1. The state of being in love 2. A story about love between people. 3. To court romantically. (To court means to date)

Next I think we should examine why we are pursuing romance? (If that is in fact what you are doing in your current relationship)

Why we are in pursuit of it are personal questions you should be asking yourself. If you find that your main focus or motives are more self-serving than anything you might want to hold off on pursuing romance. You wouldn’t want to start this thing off on a bad foot. With that being said in my next post I’m going to include some resources that I believe aid in the area of romance and intimacy with your spouse and God. (Yes, you can be intimate with God)


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