Keep The Fire Burning! pt. 1

Normally fires are something we try to avoid at all costs! In regards to your marriage I encourage you to keep the fire burning hot!

Here are some tips:
1. Continue to do what you were doing when you were courting a.k.a. dating!

If you were opening doors, continue to do that. If you were buying little gifts just to say I love you, don’t stop! Ladies if you were making your man wonderful meals on a regular basis continue.

I find a lot of times after people get married they figured they have won and “snagged” their spouse so what is the purpose in doing all these things. Well you have to remember what attracted you to your spouse in the first place and them to you. Romance and true intimacy beyond the physical aspect is not something that just happens, you have to work at it and work on keeping it alive!

2. Don’t stop having fun!

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life but life should be enjoyed and so should your spouse. Do you enjoy your spouse? If not, let’s go back to the basics. Are you having fun with them? If not, why? Are you too busy or are they? Make time for them and seek out things you enjoy together. My husband and I both enjoy a good laugh so we play games together and we crack a lot of jokes. We enjoy each other because we make time for each other and we actively pursue each other.


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