So much to do, so little time!

When I was in college one of the first valuable things that I learned were some vital keys for time management. Some of you probably learned some successful time management strategies early on, but for me this one thing was a MAJOR issue!

I was one of those people who tried to do everything at once. I would already be overwhelmed in my mind before I had even started a task. I would be mentally imagining what all needed to be done, exactly how I was going to do it and the amount of time I estimated it would take.

This is just a part of the process I would go through. Don’t even mention a distraction coming my way, or something coming up to get me off focus; I would really be in trouble then!

So to make a long story short I really needed help in this area. I had to start with the way I thought about things. I had to stop pressuring myself to be this “Superwoman” that God had never intended for me to be in the first place. I had to figure out that some things are important, some things can wait and somethings don’t need to be done at all or at least not by you.

Having children I grew accustomed to always trying to do EVERYTHING for them and never allowing them to do things for themselves. For me time management started with me being realistic with my personal expectations as well of letting go of false control.

Here are some tips that really helped me:

1. Make a to do list in order of priority. Get the things done that are urgent first and then go from there.

2. Make the list realistic and feasible.

3. If you have to set certain times during the day to complete your tasks then do that. (during these times do not be afraid to tell people no)

4. Focus on one thing at a time! Multi-tasking is ok during certain times, but some things require more attention and focus and you should do just that-FOCUS!

5. Feel accomplished even if you don’t get EVERYTHING done-make sure you’re beng realistic and reasonable with your goals or you will never feel accomplished.



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